Who Do You Say I Am Part 4 – Dr. Michael Jiles


Pastor Mike takes us through the Great Tribulation in part 4 of Who Do You Say I Am.


Audio Transcript

How would you finish this? Faith comes by, exactly. Faith comes by hearing. That’s why God did not give us ear lids, right? We have eyelids. We can close our mouth, but our ears are always open. Isn’t that kind of cool? How many of you would like to see? See Faith once in a while instead of just hear about it? Yes. How many of you. I mean, we’re singing about believe in Amazed. How many of you walk around just amazed by God every day? Yeah, maybe of some of us. Come on, now. How many of us think we should walk around amazed by God? Yeah, but a lot of times we just want you to show up. I just want you to show up.

I want to see something with skin on. I want you to be there. Well, I’m kind of excited because Dr. Tim Ryan myself are going to be leaving in the near future here to go to the Saudi Arabia desert. Yeah, this is like bacon on a beach right here. I mean. I mean, it’s not pretty, but I believe I have faith that Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt. Right. And eventually they ended up in the promised land. But I want to see some actual stuff. We’re going to go explore archeological faith, see if we can have some findings. I’ve got a list and a book. Okay. I want to see this and this. This, this this. All these things that happened. I want to see it. Right.

And then if I find it and I see it, I’m going to come back and show it. Right. And we’ve got the next four weeks. We got some really cool things that are going to be happen the next four weeks. And then after those four weeks, with Rob’s help, I’m going to show you. Right. I’m seeing how we put a video together. Can you do that? All right. So we can help put a little video together. And it’s going to be a neat night. Now, Rob, he he shared last Sunday, right? Yeah, that that was great. You know what my favorite part was of his message and by. No, no, not when the mic broke. I do want to say, being that he said that these microphone phones are honkin expensive because you guys give and you tithe.

We were able to go buy another one. So let me encourage you in that because Rob breaks things So my favorite part. Rob’s up here and he’s talking about this prophet, right? He says this prophet was in the temple and this prophet this and this prophet. He goes, Who is the prophet? And we all said, Daniel. And he said, You’re right, Ezekiel. Right. You remember that? I thought that was hilarious. Well, tonight, let me share with you, Daniel. Now, Daniel, we’re going to keep the lights down tonight. We don’t always do this because I got some cool videos, but Daniel was a seer, right? He could see what God was going to do in the future. And he would talk about it. Daniel was also a student, though. Did you know that not only was he a seer and a prophet, he was a student, and he would read about prophecies and study it. Daniel was a prophet, but Daniel also was a pupil. Now, check this part out. Daniel comes to the 25th chapter of Jeremiah and sees that Jeremiah foretold Okay, hang on.

If you don’t know this, we’ve been studying in times things and revelation stuff, and. And you can’t study just revelation without talking about Ezekiel and Daniel and Matthew and all these different places. Okay. But he foretold that King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians would carry the Jews into captivity. You know that he said they would carry the Jew. Now, my big question is, why would God let his chosen people be carried into captivity? Any idea they brought up? Yeah. They were disobedient. One of their big things was idolatry. Hmm. It was a major deal. They would set up other things as God. They would worship other things besides God. They would live their life in rebellion to God, all those kind of things. They also ignored God’s words specifically as it related to the Sabbath year, which we find in Leviticus.

25 guys ever do just a nice casual reading of Leviticus? Yeah, it’s crazy. But in Leviticus, what we find is God told them every year you plant and you will harvest the seventh year. Do not plant, let the soil rest, you know, that is to let the soil rest. And here’s what God said, though. But I’ll give you twice as much in the sixth year. I’m going to give you twice as much that you need to carry you through the seventh year. Do no work on the seventh year. How many of you believe we should take a stand and nobody work every seven years? Yeah. Wouldn’t that be great? But you know, their problem. The problem they had was greed. Well, we’re getting twice as much the sixth year, and we don’t work the Senate that if we do, we can get another. And they just start going, yeah, well, we could. We can have a lot more. We just disobey God. We can do a lot more. Idolatry is a huge problem. First, we worship at the altar of materialism, which feeds our need to build our egos through the acquisition of crap stuff. The acquisition of stuff. Right? Does you know that that stuff can become our idol?

Now, I want you to know everybody’s got these watches. It’s cool watches that tell you how many steps you take and your heartbeat. And you just have in my head when I research this one that I wanted. And I looked and looked and studied and studied one that I could afford, one that I want. And so I ordered it from Amazon on. Right. I have this order from Amazon. What does it feel like? Honestly, does it feel like deep down, it’s a little bit of Christmas when it comes. It’s like you’re looking forward to this. You know what it is? You know how much you pay for me. So looking forward to this little gift and it’s going to be mine, right? And it was supposed to show up two days ago. And it didn’t. And then the next day is said, it’ll be here by 9 p.m.. I sit there and wait till 9 p.m.. I was so excited right. And it’s not here. And it’s not here. And I’m like, what’s the deal? Right. So I went to bed and I got up the next morning and it says, your package will be late. And I like great. If it didn’t show up like in four days and you can apply for a refund. I was sad but if you think about materialism did that to me for a short time. Imagine if you’re addicted to it. It’s like I need it. I need that, that rush. Second, we worship at the altar of our own pride and ego. For instance, we want the careers and we want the jobs and we want the titles. We want all this kind of stuff so we can feel good about ourself.

I remember my first church. I was right out of college, didn’t know squat and I went to Memorial Baptist Church in Baytown, Texas. Big colonial building, big red brick thing with racquetball courts and gymnasiums. And all kinds of stuff. And they decided after I did a three month internship, they’re to hire me. And I said, Okay, if you hire me, I want an office with a big desk I was like, 21 years old, but all the other pastors had an office with a big desk, and they were going to take me over to the gym, like, don’t know if you hire me. So if they rearranged everything, I got an office and a big desk. You know what it meant? Absolutely nothing. Right. And it became just a joke. Oh, what do you want out? Big desk, you know. And it was just funny and I was like, I just knew my dad was a president of a company, and he had an office and a big desk. So that to me, that was success, right? That was that was what I should be and next thing. Third, we idolize mankind through naturalism and the power of science. We cling to the illusion that we are lords of our own. World and build our self-esteem to godlike proportions. For instance, can you imagine a country that can send up a rocket and land it on a comet? We did that, right? We’ve done some amazing. Even if you look at moon landing and all that with their technology back then, really and we can build our self to be like gods kind of crazy.

If you look at all the sins, it comes down to these lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Those three things lust the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life, It all boils down to that. And all those three boiled down to one sin. You know what it is? Selfishness. Every sin starts with selfishness. That’s how it builds. We’re in this series. This is kind of the timeline we’ve been looking at each each week Tonight, I am going to share with you the last three and a half years, and it says you will see a tribulation like no other.

Now, you probably remember I talked about the seven SEALs, then the seven tonight the seven trumpets, then the seven bulls. The seven SEALs introduce the seven trumpets. So the last seal that that Jesus opened up introduced the trumpets, then the trumpets introduce the bulls. You’re ready. This is crazy stuff. It’s wild. The seven trumpets are the contents of the seventh seal judgment in that the seventh seal summons the angels who sound the trumpets. So the contents are what, summoning the angels to sound the trumpets? Are you with me? First trumpet? Here we go. Let’s get into this. This is awesome. The world experiences hail and fire mixed with blood. Three and a half years in hell. Fire mixed with blood. Sounds fun. Second trumpet says this. The result is that something like a huge mountain. All a blaze was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turns to blood. A third of the ship’s sink. And a third of the ocean. Life dies.

I really pray we’re not here for this. I pray that we’re raptured at the beginning. These last three and a half years. Not fun. Here’s what it looks like. That’s a little bit of what it might look like up to those first two trumpets. Now I want to talk about with man. We can become an idol in our own knowledge and all of that. Think about this. If we were attacked with one of those sonic blasts and knocks out all the computers and all the electricity, do you know, we go back to the 1800s like that. There’s no food. A lot of us can’t even pump our own water up. I mean, all these issues I mean, we have to go hunting now. There’s no food at the grocery stores. It can be crazy quick. And right now, a lot of times we sit and idolize what we do and who we are and what we have.

The third trumpet the third trumpet judgment is like the second, except it affects the world’s freshwater lakes. Rivers instead of the oceans. Now, my dad used to say one of the greatest commodities someday will be water. And we live in Colorado here. Everything flows out. There’s nothing flowing in. Right. So that that could be a scary time. Specifically, a great star blazing like a torch, falls from the sky and poisons a third of the water supply. This star is given the name Wormwood. And many people die now. Do you know how you say Wormwood in Russian? Chernobyl? Exactly. Okay. You’re getting a little bit idea of in times the last three and a half years, what’s going to happen? I don’t know if you caught it, but you probably know that we’re going to rebuild the twin towers and it’s just an illustration. The fourth trumpet, the fourth of the seven trumpets brings about changes in the heavens. We’ve seen a lot of changes on earth, changes in the heavens.

A third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon and a third of the stars so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light and also a third of the night. Now, it’s interesting to me how Hebrews says Jesus holds everything together right now. The times coming when all these things will start changing following the fourth trumpet judgment. John notes a special note, a special warning that comes from an eagle flying through the air. This eagle cries out with a loud voice saying, Whoa, whoa, whoa, To the inhabitants of the Earth, because of the trumpet blasts about to be sounded by the other three angels just sounded his trumpet. And a third of the sun was struck.

A third of the room and a third of the stars. So that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light. And also a third of the night. The disaster caused by the first three trumpets will disrupt the Earth’s surface and will cause volcanic action on a level so great. Smoke and debris will cause a blackout of much of the natural light from the sun. As I watched, I heard an eagle that was flying in midair. Call out the loud voice. Whoa, whoa, whoa. To the inhabitants of the earth because of the trumpet. That’s about to be sounded by the other three angels. Then one. Hear what happens. These are the woes. These next things are what the Bible talks about. The woes. So you thought it was pretty bad.

Gets. Gets more crazy. The fifth trumpet. The fifth trumpet and the first woe results in a terrifying plague of demonic locusts. That crazy demonic logos that attack and tortured the unsaved for five months. The plague begins with a star falling from heaven. Now just a little note here. If you were to study revelation right now, I’m studying Exodus. You know how similar they are? Very similar. This the star is most likely a fallen angel as he is given the key to the shaft of the abyss. He opens the abyss, releasing a horde of locusts with powers like that of scorpions. And you’re ready. It’s crazy. The locusts do not touch the plant life. Or Earth. Rather, they head straight for those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back check up Don’t you remember studying Revelation? And when you study that, who gets the mark on the forehead or the hand? The people that follow the Antichrist, right? They get a mark on their hand or their forehead, so they can’t buy or sell trade, do anything without that mark. Are you with me so far?

Do you know Satan? Is the counterfeit to truth? Do you know that Satan does that with the mark of the beast? Why? Because God does that. For those that were saved during this tribulation time, they get a mark of God, a seal of God. Isn’t that kind of cool? So. So they cannot not be touched where everybody else gets destroyed. So Satan comes up with his own seal. Remember, Jesus comes back on a white horse. Do you remember The Antichrist comes on a white horse. It’s always a counterfeit. Now, Revelation 73 says, do not harm the land or the sea or the trees. Until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God. For five months, these locusts torment people whose agony is so great that they will wish to be dead, but death will elude them. The locusts are not allowed to kill anyone. Only to torture them. Now, if you go back to Exodus and Egypt and all that, as blood was put on the door of the houses, remember that Israel in Egypt so that the angel of death would pass over those houses and not strike anyone but didn’t have the mark. So then they remember how they mark it.

Here, here and here. I like a cross, isn’t it? They put that on their door so the Death Angel would pass over. The seal of God is put up on the forehead. Of His own so that the angels of judgment passing through the world will know whose are gods. I think that’s amazing. Satan though, always counterfeits the fifth trumpet. These demonic locusts have a king who is the angel of the abyss in Hebrew. His name is Abaddon, and in Greek is a polygon meaning destroyer. Interesting that you said I came to give life she says that I am the light of the world. Satan is the destroyer of everything. The fifth trumpet, the locust themselves are described in unusual terms. They look like horses prepared for battle. They wear something like crowns of gold, and their faces are vaguely human. I think about this. I want you to hold us in your mind.

The locusts themselves are described in unusual terms, like horses prepared for battle. Crowns of gold faces are vaguely human. The locusts have hair like women’s hair and teeth like lion’s teeth. They have something like iron breast plates. And their wings sound like the thundering many horses and chariots rushing in to battle like scorpions. They have stings in their tails. Is that pretty descriptive? Yes, it’s kind of scary. I would be scared. Some people say if you put all that together, it looks very much like this. An Apache helicopter. If you look at the face vaguely like a human amount, remember the part of the Chariots Horse you know, the chariots riding? Can you imagine the propeller that John is trying to exploit? It could. I mean, I don’t know. But for me, I like to take the Bible as literal as I possibly can until I can’t take it literal anymore.

Like when Jesus says I am the door, is he a six foot, four inch wooden door? No, he is the way. Right. But I try to take it as little literal as I can. So I don’t know if it’s that. I did find something interesting in Mexico. They discovered this this new life kind of thing that they never found before. And here it is. Face kind of vaguely human. You know, if God can create that, what else can be created I don’t know. The one thing just sounded and I saw a star falling from heaven to the earth to him was given the key to the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of the great furnace.

So the sun and the air were dark. And because of the smoke of the pit, then of the smoke, locusts came upon the earth, and to them was given power as the scorpions, the players have power. They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth or any green thing or any tree. But only those men who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads, and they were not given authority to kill, but to torment them for five months. Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it strikes a man In those days, men will seek death and will not find it. They will desire to die and death will flee from. At the fifth trumpet, Lucifer and his angels are released from the abyss torturing those who do not have the seal of God in their foreheads. They will physically appear for all to see. He will come as an angel of light masquerading as Almighty God, marking the second coming and placing himself as God, deceiving even the elect if that were possible. Many will marvel and believe in lying. Let no one deceive you by any means for that day. You will not come unless the following way comes first and the man is seen as revealed.

The Son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself. Above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that He sits as God in the Temple of God, showing himself that He is God. They pairs because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the life Lucifer’s allowed to exercise his power for 42 months. The crisis government that will form shortly after the first trumpets is the beginning of the beast system in Revelation 13. That will become the only economically viable system globally to function in the current state of the world during those days. At this time, the world will be in ruins, and the necessities of life will become scarce in a very short time period.

Lucifer will head this government. Upon his appeal, the foundation has been laid and the stage set for the events to follow. He will implement to mark a pledge of allegiance for all those who wish to buy or sell and live sustainably for what short time they have left. This is the mark of the beast, and he calls it all both small and great, rich and poor, free and born to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name years wisdom. But him that half understanding count the number of the beast or the number of the man, and his number is 600, threescore and six. If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, they too will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cover of His wrath, they will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of had enough.

Sorry, one more trumpet. Actually, two more. The sixth trumpet one’s the sixth trumpet. Sounds of voice from the altar of God calls for the release of four angels who are bound at the Great River Euphrates. These four angels have been kept in captivity. For just this purpose to wreck destruction during the Tribulation. These four wicked angels lead a supernatural calvary of thousands upon thousands to kill a third of humanity. Now, if you add that to the people who already died, you probably like 50%. The writers have breast plates, a fiery red, dark blue and yellow. Their horses have the heads of lions, and out of their mouths can fire, smoke and sulfur. And their tails were like snakes. They kill with their mouth and with their tails. Can you imagine right now you’re going, Oh, I’ve had enough. I mean, that’s heavy. Imagine living through it. I mean, you’re just reading about it, but imagine living through it. Then there’s this thing called an interlude. It’s what I call it. It’s an inner loop. Says here John sees an angel descend from heaven with a little scroll in his hand.

A promise is given that the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet and John is told that he must prophesy some more. Can you just get this? It’s like all this stuff happening and right before. Whoa, that last. Whoa. God says. Okay, pause. John, I want you to do a little bit more. Next comes a description of two witnesses who will preach in Jerusalem and perform miracles before they’re murdered. God will then raise them back to life and take them to heaven. Here’s what I want you to get out of all these years and all this stuff and all the tribulation. Everything God still does. One more chance. One more chance. People say, Well, this isn’t a loving God. This is a loving God. One more chance. Ted, I got to set this up.

Some of you are going to be like, I can’t believe he’s showing this okay. It’s no bad words or anything, but you’re still going to believe it. I I’m not saying watch the series. I’m not saying you should, you know, tune in with any of my videos. But this one depicts something that I thought was pretty cool. There’s a name there’s a man’s name, and his name is Mr. Dutton. Mr. Dutton owns some property up around Yellowstone. Anybody know this? As a few of you. He owns this property up at Yellowstone, and everybody keeps trying to take it away from him. The government tries to take it away. They try to annex stuff. They try to steal stuff. They murder people. They do all the stuff to try to get his home. And this has been his home, and it’s been in his family for hundreds of years. Right. And they’re always after his home. Does that sound familiar? Just a little bit. God builds a home and somebody always after his home. Thought it was interesting. So one day a bunch of motorcycles drive up this motorcycle gang. People drive up to the property, cross into his property, build fires and they’re tearing up stuff and partying. Right. Some of the ranchers show up and try to get them off and they get in the fight. And the ranchers are kind of getting their booty kicked and then there’s just a head, the head foreman. He shows up right Yes. His name is Rip and Rip. Takes care of some business and kicks these guys off. Right. Gets them out of there. That’s the setup. Rip looks at Mr. Dutton and says, you know, they’re going to come back, Mr. Dutton says. Yeah, I do.

Can you imagine? God says I want you to come home. The rapture is for you. The people choose to dig their own grave. There comes a point where there’s a reason to get out Can you imagine that? The part where Mr. Dutton says, my summer’s out over We’re living in the summer. We’re living in the summer. Everything’s going to change. That seventh trumpet says that the sound of the seventh trumpet, the temple of God, is open in heaven. And within his temple was seen the Ark of the Covenant. And there came a flash of lightning rumbling thunder, an earthquake and a severe hailstorm. Going go back when the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Messiah. And He will reign forever. And ever. There’s coming a point. The summer’s over. Everything’s grab wrapping up. And it says the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, who is Jesus Christ. And He will reign forever and ever. And we will reign with him Remember when he said, like, I was okay, our thank you isn’t an answer not an answer. The answer is, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I trust in Him as we go to Saudi Arabia, play in the desert. There’s lots of scary thoughts about what could happen over there. But I tell you this. The one thing I will not deny, my Lord, ever. Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father God. Tonight, I want to thank you for your son. God, I thank you for sending Jesus to rescue us. To save us. God, I thank you for vindicating us. God, I thank you for making us holy. Making us saints. And God, I pray I pray God that we can trust in you always and be amazed to you. God, I pray that we can believe you and everything. And I pray all this in Jesus name. Everybody said Amen.